christmas dinner… served stone cold

By Jacob Chilmaid

Part of the short-film series the year that really happened

Created by Theatre31 Young Artists

A bad beginning to an even worse year? Yep! Christmas 2019 set off the year to come…this documentary tells the story of how one family’s cold beef Wellington (though not as bad as what was in store for the rest of the world, but still a tragedy at that) started the worst year in living history, 2020…so far.

Celebrating the talent and diversity of young people in Medway and Sheppey, this lockdown film project sees a collection of young artists come together to co-create a short film series in response to 2020. The audience is served up a unique perspectives of the world around us where one comes to realise; there really is no such thing as normal, kindness is king, and 2020 weas the year that really happened.

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