HipHopera project – Windrush: the struggle continues

Co-created by a company made up of young people, local music producer Ola Owolabi, and choreographer Lexi Maize.

The HipHopera project is a story told through song and dance, celebrating the stories of the Windrush generation and the rich music as part of this movement.

In Windrush: the struggle continues, the audience are treated to a blend of Hip Hop, Gospel, Jazz, Caribbean, and afrobeat as we experience how the culture very much part of this historical event, influences music and dancing today.

Co-created with a core company of eighteen young people from Medway and Sheppey, Owolabi and Maize have created a soundtrack, narrative and choreography that not only represents the young people as part of the process but brings to life the story of the Windrush movement specific to this local part of Kent.

In March 2020, the UK went into a national lockdown due to the global covid-19 pandemic and the team had just started this ambitious musical project creation.   

Despite the restrictions placed on this co-creation, the team continued to meet and rehearse, driven by their passion to dance, sing and perform. Meeting online and in open spaces as restrictions momentarily lifted, the group were able to meet in the dance and music studio once again.

Although the full production has yet to be completed and mounted, this film offers snippets of exclusive behind the scenes material, captured as part of the creative journey. It also showcases a musical number from the production, performed by the cast of young people.

All activity shown in this film has been created following the UK Government COVID-19 secure guidelines at that given time.

This is a Medway African and Caribbean Association project, commissioned by Thatre31.

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