in the face of danger, non-alcoholic cider is always the answer

By William Barnard

Part of the short-film series the year that really happened

Created by Theatre31 Young Artists

We Brits are all rational human beings, aren’t we? Yet we secretly despise each other whilst holding it all in! We unleash our utter hatred for one another and dissatisfaction for society through fatigue, bloated stomachs, and politically incorrect ramblings – all in a single 24hr period: ‘Boxing day’. 2020 was all caught on camera…making the result far worse!  

Celebrating the talent and diversity of young people in Medway and Sheppey, this lockdown film project sees a collection of young artists come together to co-create a short film series in response to 2020. The audience is served up a unique perspectives of the world around us where one comes to realise; there really is no such thing as normal, kindness is king, and 2020 weas the year that really happened.

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