Celebrate Schools Festival

Those pre-show jitters, that on stage rush, the buzz of taking a bow – we believe every young person should have the chance to experience the joys and rewards of performing. That’s why every year, we bring together schools in the local area for the Celebrate Schools Festival.

In the run up to the festival, we work with individual schools over a number of weeks on tailor made projects that all come together in the final, celebratory performance. Throughout the process, young people across Medway and Sheppey get a taste of taking to the stage and are invited to explore all aspects of production. Whether it’s set design, lighting or sound – there are lots of ways to get involved.

Then as the big day draws closer, we work with a professional team to run the event and work side by side with the cast and crew of young people. The big performance is always a night to remember, and a chance for friends and family to enjoy the results of many weeks of hard work and dedication.

Our next Celebrate Schools Festival will be taking place in 2022. Following 2021’s online festival ‘Sheppey Shanties’ for schools in Sheppey, next year’s festival will be exclusively for schools in Medway.

“It was really fun. I loved getting to know the Theatre31 team. I had so much fun doing the play! I don’t usualy get do to this kind of stuff, so I really enjoyed it!”
Young Participant, aged 11

How to Book

Email  Head of Programme, Sarah Chiswell-Hornett: sarah@icontheatre.org.uk