Technical Training

At Theatre31, we recognise that not everyone wants to be in the spotlight. That’s why we’re passionate about championing the technical side of theatre too. From 2022, we’ll be piloting a technical training course and we’re already on the hunt for young people to take part. The course will cover lighting design, stage management and sound design, as well as a hands-on introduction to the backstage areas at the Central and Brook Theatre in Medway.  We want to give a real flavour of this side of the industry, so young people have the experience and information to further investigate specific areas that are of interest to them.

We’re introducing this course to champion all the people backstage who make our theatres work, and to show our local young people that there’s a world of opportunity in the theatre beyond the stage. Like the rest of our programme, it will be youth led and guided by what our participants want to focus on. In co-collaboration with young people and our industry friends, we’ll also be offering the chance to expand on the technical training course with further masterclasses, shaped by what our emerging professionals might want to do.

How to Book

Email Head of Programme, Sarah Chiswell-Hornett: