Theatre31 Young Artist Collective

Creative freedom to become the theatre maker you dream of.

Young artists aged 11-18 can join our weekly meetings on Wednesday nights.


Sessions are delivered in a blended format, with the majority online. This enables us to be as accessible as possible, working across Medway and Sheppey.  

This is a brand new and exciting initiative at Theatre31, bringing young theatrical creatives together to create work.


As a youth led group, Young Artist Collective strengthens the voices and practices of young people by handing the decision making over to them.


As a member of the Young Artist Collective you can look forward to:

  • Weekly sessions – workshops and creation.
  • Masterclasses with industry professionals.
  • Solo projects to develop your artistic voice.
  • Co-creation with peers and the wider Theatre31 programme.
  • Podcast creation and collaboration on the Theatre31 website, to develop an overarching youth voice.
  • Collaboration on programming decisions for the wider Theatre31 programme.

This free programme creates opportunities for its members to work alongside and co-create with industry professionals, including masterclasses and specialist projects. Theatre31 also offers careers advice and project management experience.


Maybe you want to be a director? Maybe you like acting? Or maybe you want to harness your skills in theatre producing or arts marketing? The collective gives you a chance to experience all areas of the theatre industry.


You will also play an important role here at Theatre31! You will have your say over our programme and tell us how we can best serve other young people in the local community. You can even take part in the brand-new podcast Yakking with YAC, where young artists talk about the things that matter most to them.


The team at Theatre31 supports and encourages you to collaborate with your peers. Together you will create theatrical masterpieces, digital experiments, and new writing, which shape the future of theatre in Medway and Sheppey.

Do the things you want to do | Learn the things you want to learn | Be the person that you want to be.

Being part of the Theatre31 collective is free!

Any young person who is accepted onto the programme will receive a Young Artist Collective members welcome pack to get you started. 

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Launching in style

We kicked off YAC with a free bumper Masterclass, specialising in Musical Theatre!

During the Easter break, the session saw industry professionals from Fat Rascal and West End performers Courtney Stapleton and Eloise Davies take to the ‘zoom’ workshop space and curate 90 minutes of musical theatre magic. And there are many more amazing masterclasses still to come!

Creating in lockdown

We are aware at Theatre31, that zoom fatigue is a real thing! We meet online but are constantly adapting what we do to ensure sessions remain fun, inspiring, and engaging.

Currently, this means working on specific projects – so we can focus our energy on smaller pockets of time. This makes everything a bit more accessible for everyone!

As part of the collective, you can tell us what is working and what might work better. As the UK Government Guidelines change, so can we, enhancing your experiences as best we can.