The Snow Queen saves Christmas!

Live theatre exciting young audiences, despite our global pandemic

Our theatres might be closed, and panto might be cancelled, but the magic of live theatre is still happening across Medway and Sheppey!

Theatre31 has teamed up with local circus company Circo Rum Ba Ba to create and tour a socially distanced festive show, bringing theatrical experiences to young people in their playgrounds this December.

“A really engaging performance for the children…they were mesmerised!” Steph Jarvis, Head Teacher at St Helen’s Primary

The Snow Queen and her magical Ice Elves have an important mission, to send messages of love and care to the wise elders of their community! To do this, they need the help of as many schoolchildren as possible….

Arriving in a wintry chariot which takes centre stage in your school playground, the elves send messages to each participating class.  Children are invited to complete a creative task in their classrooms, before journeying into the playground to experience the live show outdoors – an exhilarating combination of theatre, acrobatics, and music, as the Snow Queen and her elves celebrate the wonderful messages the children create.

The Christmas cards are being delivered to care homes, charities and social housing in Medway and Sheppey, creating intergenerational connections within our local community.

“An amazing performance for the children, in a safe environment. A wonderful experience for everyone. Thank you to Theatre31 and Circo Rum Ba Ba.” Karen Major, Head Teacher at Luton Primary

“It was a wonderful experience for our children and the feedback is that they loved it! We are really grateful…and it created a little bit of winter magic in a dreary time for us all. Thank you so much, looking forward to working with you again in the future!” Sue Mason, Head Teacher at Brompton Westbrook

As part of a wider campaign to bring about the awareness of the ‘act of kindness’, The Snow Queen’s Magnificent Message embraces and celebrates everything that is the spirit of Christmas: joy, giving, thankfulness and fun. Join Theatre31 and discover ways to get involved and donate with our 12 Days of Kindmass

The Snow Queen and her magical Ice Elves will be visiting:

New Road Primary School
Queenborough School and Nursery, Sheppey
Luton Primary School
St Helen’s Junior School
Brompton Westbrook Primary School
Chattenden Primary School
Burnt Oak Primary School

A Circo Rum Ba Ba Production
Co-produced by Theatre31

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